600 - 555 Burnhamthorpe Road Etobicoke, ON, Canada, M9C 2Y3

2016 National Women’s Show lived up to its reputation as the biggest trade show bonanza in town for frugal moms & daughters and folks that just like to wander through a crowded convention and be amused and at times overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this fascinating feminine bazaar.

There are so many delicious samples to try, and so for $15 price of admission, this show offers amazing value. The National Women’s Show, #NWS2016 accommodated over four hundred and fifty different businesses which essentially compete with each other to give away the best stuff they can and make the biggest impressions they can on the mass of mostly female consumers. The first five hundred entrants each day get a gift bag worth over sixty bucks!

Sweets Canada was also very generous with crumbled gourmet chocolate bars and edible flower blossom chocolate bars. Below is Sam Dhutia the President of Sweets Canada selecting a specific flavour Qnibs for a very important beauty blogger.

sam picks chocolates for giveaways
In addition to giving away the valuable SWAG bag and attracting thousands of frugal mom & daughter combos, the convention is also a magnet for entrepreneurs looking to partner with food, fitness, health and beauty business owners.

Mary Bratko is the head writer and editor of Wedding Girl Canada a matrimonial magazine exploring marriage subjects of every description. She was at the show networking with beauty professionals, looking for people to help her grow a mobile beauty workers on-demand app called PrettyBird which just launched in the summer of 2016.  Good luck Mary – see you next year.